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Services: FREE Comprehensive Family Evaluation, Baseline Assessment & Post Test (Cognitive Measures), Biofeedback, HEG Neurotherapy. Comprehensive Clinical Access Including: Hyperbaric Oxygen - for healing and beauty, Resperate - manage high blood pressure, Journey to the Wild Divine - handsfree video game, Stress Eraser - biofeedback on the go, EyePort - for enhanced visual acuity, Massage Therapy - gentle deep tissue, Counseling - for well-being, guidance and support.


We Provide Intervention/Training For:

Attention / Memory / ADD & ADHD
School and Work Performance
Memory, Focus, Attention Mind Quieting
Brain Injury - Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)
Trauma Counseling - Post Traumatic Stress

Stress & Stress Related Challenges
Anxiety / Panic
Tension / Migraine Headache
Hypertension / Insomnia
Addiction - sex, drugs, gambling, etc.


Neurotherapy - Brain Exercise Works™

These thermal images were taken before and after a single HEG Neurotherapy training session. Brighter colors are hotter - you can see heat resulting from the brain's increase in activity.Brain exercise or training boosts activity and improves mental and emotional functioning. It's a fitness work-out for your brain.

Usually, we train the area of the brain just above your eyes - along the forehead. This region known as the prefrontal cortex (PFC), is your brain's executive control center. The thermal images shown to the right were taken before and after a single HEG Neurotherapy training session. Brighter colors are hotter - you can see heat resulting from the brain's increase in activity. Learning to voluntarily stimulate your brain's growth will produce long lasting benefits.

Brain training can help you:

· focus effectively and maintain concentration
· gain control over emotions and impulses
· maintain a sense of purpose and self-possession
· flexibly respond to the demands of a situation


Is Your Brain ready For Exercise? - Brain Exercise Works™ Learning Packages

Contact the Biofeedback Institute of Los Angeles for Training Today
Brain Exercise Works™ individual training is provided by neurofeedback therapists. Services are provided either in person or remotely on the Internet with Skype (or telephone). Based on an initial evaluation session, Brain Exercise Works™ packages are available to clients as listed below. These packages include a specific number of learning-consultation sessions (e.g., 10 sessions) in combination with use of Brain Exercise Works™ for a specific time frame (e.g., 1 month).

Brain Exercise Works™ is continuous learning in the field (office or home), not only brief weekly guidance sessions in an office environment. Success requires your commitment to learning, not simply your willingness to receive consultation. Single learning sessions are not provided until a package has been completed.

The Brain Exercise Works™ training is software-operated. You observe your own brain physiology and behavior "live" on your own computer monitor. Based on evaluation of your cognitive and emotional function, a neurofeedback therapist will provide you with Brain Exercise Works™ sessions.

Brain Function Assessment Interview: $65.00
The brain function interview is a 25-minute telephone, or live-time internet consultation based on a brain function checklist. It does not include evaluation with a neurotherapist. It is offered to those who cannot, or do not wish to schedule an appointment in person. It is designed to help determine whether or not a client has a brain fuction problem.

Brain Function Baseline Assessment: $150.00 per assessment (usually 2 assessments)
The brain function evaluation is approximately an hour and a-half comprehensive "live" study of brain behavior with Brain Exercise Works™, MicoCog and or T.O.V.A. It includes in office interviewing, testing, and a written evaluation report.

Brain Exercise Works™ Service Package 10: $995.00
The Package 10 includes Brain Exercise Works™ training with a neurofeedback therapist for one month along with 10 learning-consultation sessions over the Internet (or, in person if preferred). Equipment included with deposit.

Brain Exercise Works™ Service Package 10E: $1,250.00
The Package 10E is identical to Package 10, but includes the Evaluation.

Brain Exercise Works™ 15: $1,400.00
The Package 15 includes Brain Exercise Works™ training for two months along with 15 learning sessions. Available over the Internet (or in person if preferred). Equipment included with deposit.

Brain Exercise Works™ 15E: $1,550.00
The Package 15E is identical to Package 15, but includes the Evaluation.

Upgrade to Package 15: $400.00
Package 10 may be upgraded to Package 15 at any time for an additional month with the Brain Exercise Works™ and 5 sessions.

Post-Package Session: $125.00 per session
Additional single sessions may be booked during package periods.

Personal Training Week: $200.00
Continued personal learning with Brain Exercise Works™ after the completion of a package may be extended on a week by week basis, with a neurofeeback therapist. Available over the Internet (or in person if preferred). Equipment included with deposit.


How Can HEG Brain Exercise Work for You?

The Biofeedback Institute of Los Angeles (BILA) provides brain exercise through our leading neurofeedback instrument, Hemoencephalography (HEG). We understand HEG is an opportunity to improve general functioning of your brain; a precious and powerful asset. We see our service as a foundation for 'brain gyms' developing internationally and accessible to all.

Training improves overall brain function by increasing blood flow to the frontal lobes. Since each person's brain is different, the changes that result from this training vary from person to person. How you manifest these changes might come as a surprise to you.

You may:

· suddenly have a freeing insight about something
  that has bothered you
· experience positive behavioral changes without any
  mental effort
· feel happier for no apparent reason
· find it easier to be decisive and take charge of
  a situation
· start having a different opinion about a person,
  situation or issue
· become more sensitive to the needs and wants of
  other people
· handle stress in a calmer, more focused way

How quickly and dramatically people respond depends upon on how much they learn each training session and how much impairment they started with. In general, we recommend having 10 to 20 sessions spaced out once or twice weekly.

The two frontal lobes function together as the CEO for the rest of the brain by orchestrating the activities of the other three lobes. When the frontal lobes are functioning optimally, all the rest of the brain performs better.

Capacity to use your frontal lobes can be described on a continuum. On one end is impaired capacity due to damage resulting from head trauma. This type of damage causes obvious dysfunction and impairment. However, even mild head trauma can bring about indifference and a loss of initiative and drive. On the opposite end of the continuum is full capacity resulting from well-developed and fully oxygenated tissue in the frontal lobes. This condition leads to superior levels of performance.

Improved Performance with HEG Neurotherapy Frontal Lobe Training

HEG Neurotherapy affords people the opportunity to strengthen their innate abilities and perform at their highest level. Improvements can be noted in one or more of the following areas:

Success at achieving goals:
Together the frontal lobes are the part of your brain that allows you to formulate and achieve goals. Frontal lobes facilitate your ability to identify something you want to achieved, develop a plan of action, get motivated to initiate the plan, sustain the motivation to carry out the plan, and follow through in a timely manner with each step in the correct sequence. This part of your brain also gives you the ability to assess outcomes and to determine whether a better plan is needed if you didn't achieve exactly what you intended.

People with healthy frontal lobes have real ambitions and dreams and are able to achieve them. They are more prone to take charge of their lives instead of feeling they re a victim of circumstance. They're able to delay gratification, have better impulse control and foresight into the consequences of actions. They also demonstrate the ability to stay on track and not get distracted, and they have more common sense and show good judgement. As a result of optimally functioning frontal lobes, people can maximize their success in achieving their goals.

Higher social intelligence:
The more developed your frontal lobes are, the greater ability you have to understand social situations and respond appropriately. With greater insight into other peoples mental states (intentions, needs, etc.), you have more success in social interactions. Communication skills are enhanced due to the increased ability to read the subtle cues of other people's emotions and respond appropriately.

More mature personality:
With higher functioning frontal lobes, people have better control of temper, greater insight into their own feelings and motives, increased sense of ethics and more ethical behavior, mellowing of personality, improved ability to compete, more drive, initiative and less irritability.

Hemoencephalography: A New Form of Neurofeedback
by Glyn Blackett
York Biofeedback Centre

Neurofeedback is a means of training brain functioning, either to ameliorate symptoms of a disorder or to improve performance. The trainee is presented with some measure of brain activity, and tries to influence the signal in a desired direction.

The trainee is presented with some measure of brain activity, and tries to influence the signal in a desired direction.

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What is RESPeRATE™?

RESPeRATE's™ unique breathing exercise relaxes constricted blood vessels to reduce high blood pressure.How it lowers blood pressure
Harness the natural power of breathing to lower blood pressure
High blood pressure is generally caused by your blood vessels tightening up and narrowing; this then causes your heart to pump harder. RESPeRATE's™ unique breathing exercise relaxes constricted blood vessels to reduce high blood pressure.

When you use RESPeRATE™, you put on headphones and attach a sensor around your chest. RESPeRATE's™ breathing sensor automatically analyzes your individual breathing pattern and creates a personalized melody composed of two distinct inhale and exhale guiding tones.

Simply listen to the melody through the headphones, and your body's natural tendency to follow external rhythms will enable you to easily synchronize your breathing to the tones.Simply listen to the melody through the headphones, and your body's natural tendency to follow external rhythms will enable you to easily synchronize your breathing to the tones.

By gradually prolonging the exhalation tone to slow your breathing, RESPeRATE™ leads you to the therapeutic zone of less than 10 breaths per minute.

Within a few minutes, the muscles surrounding the small blood vessels in your body relax, blood flows more freely, and your blood pressure is significantly reduced.

RESPeRATE's™ unique breathing exercise relaxes constricted blood vessels to reduce high blood pressure.

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Biofeedback - for Stress Management, Relaxation and Meditation

Manage Your Stress - BE In Control!

Stress challenges your ability to cope. It affects you on different levels:

· Physical symptoms of stress include:
  muscle aches and pain, migraine, headache, insomnia, constant tiredness, digestive problems, high blood
  pressure, panic or strained breathing and susceptibility to infections

· Mental and emotional symptoms of stress include:
  distraction or racing thoughts, anxiety, volatility, poor focus and concentration, memory challenges
  and depression

Stress can be difficult to control because some stress responses are outside of your conscious awareness. Relaxation enhanced biofeedback gives you objective feedback on how well you are actually relaxing.

Biofeedback helps you manage stress by exercising key skills, including:

· Emotional intelligence - make choices responsive to your emotions which will lead you to the place
  you desire
· Self-awareness - understand the connection between your thoughts and perceptions and your
  body responses
· Learn breathing and meditation skills
· Achieve greater balance of mind and body
· Enjoy reduced stress and increased relaxation

In addition to our house instrument the Biocomp 2010 (for skin conductance and temperature monitoring) we use the highly acclaimed Journey to the Wild Divine relaxation training programs to help you learn, refine and deepen relaxation techniques. The beautiful visuals, soothing sounds and effective meditation and breathing techniques will help you uncover your body's natural ability to counter the effects of stress. You will witness and transform the rhythms of your mind and body as they play together on the screen.

Stress Erase uses advanced biofeedback technology to help you relax and relieve stress. This instrument uses a non-invasive infrared finger sensor to detect your pulse rate. You can learn to slow and deepen each breath, naturally activating the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for rest, relaxation and long-term renewal.

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Do You Want To Be On Top?

Peak Performance Training

Master Your Life...
by combining our unique peak performance training method with state-of-the-art technology.

You can learn the most efficient ways to:

· Voluntarily control brain blood flow for
  optimal mental function
· Improve concentration and visualisation
· Sharpen learning and study skills
· Boost your athletic performance
· Develop a reliable memory
· Reduce anxiety and stress
· Manage distraction
· Free your creativity

Brain Exercise Works™ for Peak Performance

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pROSHI™ (personal roshi) - for Peak Performance and Meditation

The pROSHI™ guides your brain passively towards a normalized pattern. Its complex flicker is programmed to provide the brain with a brain wave pattern totally at rest and attentive at the same time. The restful-alert state is similar to the brain of a Zen monk. This state induces the brain towards its "listening", not talking state.

Given the proper operating conditions the brain is encouraged to "act natural." pROSHI™ biases the brain towards its native operating condition, to which HEG neurotherapy can be added.

Since 1992, three generations of pROSHI™ have been used successfully in the United States for peak performance training.

Client users report that changes in their mental and emotional attitudes are fast, strong, and dynamic with the use of pROSHI™. pROSHI™ protocols have proven successful in helping train Olympic teams to find "the zone." (See for more information)

Disclaimer: ROSHI/Neurodynamic Activator™ Instruments are used for mediation and peak performance use. ROSHI Corporation makes no claims for any medical or psychological benefits derived form the use of their instruments.

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Counseling - for Work, Love and in Play

Are you seeking happiness, self-worth and to love and be loved? Are unresolved conflicts preventing you from fulfilling these quests? Would you like to reach your personal or relationship goals with more effective ways of engaging? Together in counseling we explore the significance and meaning of your conflicts and solve them. Together we will journey past obstacles to greater self-esteem and ultimately more satisfying relationships.

Counseling can be a pleasurable experience for the most part, and at the same time you may find that happiness lies in moving towards what you want in life. Pain and misery are symptoms of the distance between you and your goals.

Individuals, families and children can learn that emotions and thoughts are great assets when used to guide our way through life. In counseling we unravel and clarify the emotions and thoughts that create the quality of your life.

Couples in conflict invariably need a process that shifts them away from an adversarial position to a collaborative one. Arguing and fighting are the beginning of identifying where change needs to happen. Individuals need the same kind of clarity in their own thinking processes. Identify what works and polish the gold!

At our office all are welcome into an atmosphere of safety and spontaneity so that counseling is warm and productive. Unconditional positive regard nourishes trust and authentic communication.

These service are appropriate for people who want a flexible time or for those preferring to explore the effectiveness of counseling without traveling. Both live-time and phone counseling are highly effective for many people.

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Massage Therapy - Over 30 Years Experience

Massage will bring an exceptional change in the way you look and feel. Gentle deep tissue massage is designed to release and lengthen facsia that has become blocked. Your spine and neck are lengthened. Your hips and shoulders aligned improve your sense of hight, balance and power. The basic massage releases pain and discomfort and improves circulation.

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EyePort - for vision enhancement

Eye exercise optimizes your visual aattention, directly affecting your ability to perform in school at work or on the playing field. Whether you are keeping our eye on the ball in sports, judging distance while driving or tracking a line of print while reading or computing, the ability of your eyes to aim, track, focus and work together as a team is the key to your success.

Vision involves your ability to understand and respond to what is seen. Eyesight is limited to the ability to see, generally tested at a distance of 20 feet. Vision, however, is a dynamic process that involves the combined skills of aiming, tracking, focusing and teaming, along with a host of other mental, emotional and neurological processes.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

In the hyperbaric chamber, the increases in the pressure of oxygen results in more oxygen being dissolved in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid, thereby making the oxygen available for diffusion into the tissues where it helps to overcome hypoxia.
In the hyperbaric chamber, the increases in the pressure of oxygen results in more oxygen being dissolved in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid, thereby making the oxygen available for diffusion into the tissues where it helps to overcome hypoxia.

Hyperbaric oxygen Therapy (HBOT) can help a wide variety of conditions involving compromised blood flow and oxygen deprivation. This valuable treatment uses elevated oxygen to speed and enhance the body's natural ability to heal. HBOT is accepted by the American Medical Association and Food and Drug Administration for specific indications.

Currently, the FDA has accepted 14 conditions that are responsive to HBOT. Typically, insurance will reimburse based on whether or not a therapy has obtained FDA approval.

The 14 FDA approved conditions are:

· Diabetic Foot Ulcer
· Chronic Non-Healing Wound
· Refractory Osteomyelitis
· Osteoradionecrosis
· Burns
· Air Embolism
· Decompression Sickness
· Intracranial Abscess
· Gas Gangrene
· Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
· Crush Injury
· Severe Anemia
· Compromised Skin Grafts
· Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is also considered a helpful alternative treatment for the following conditions:

· Acute & Chronic Brain Injury
· Cerebral Palsy
· Cerebrovascular Accidents (Stroke)
· Multiple Sclerosis
· Lyme Disease
· Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
· Near Drowning
· Acute Sports Injuries

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a painless procedure in which a person is exposed to increased pressure, thus allowing greater absorption of oxygen throughout body tissues. This increased pressure allows more oxygen to reach the cells within the body therefore contributing to the many healing and therapeutic benefits. The concept of hyperbaric oxygenation has been in existence as early as 1662 but has only gained recognition in conventional medicine over the past 40 years.

When utilizing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, oxygen is forced into the tissues, organs, brain and fluids throughout the body through the pressurization of the hyperbaric chamber.
Michael Jackson is pictured inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber in 1986

How Does Hyperbaric Help in Healing?
Humans can live without oxygen for approximately 5 minutes. Oxygen is essential to our existence, as evidenced in the numerous conditions caused by oxygen deficiencies in our bodies. This lack of oxygen results in a dysfunction of organ systems, causing numerous chronic health conditions. When utilizing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, oxygen is forced into the tissues, organs, brain and fluids throughout the body through the pressurization of the hyperbaric chamber.

· Oxygen floods areas that are oxygen starved to stimulate cell growth and regeneration
· Hyperbaric oxygen increases neural brain function due to oxygen saturation
· Oxygen displaces toxins and other impurities to assist in detoxification of your system
· Hyperbaric oxygen acts as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial, as bacteria and viruses typically cannot
  tolerate oxygen
· Oxygen reduces tumor growth in cancer patients
· Hyperbaric serves as an immune modulator, supporting the immune system to bring T and B cells
  within normal levels
· Hyperbaric oxygen provides many other condition specific benefits
Can high-pressure oxygen help autism? Can high-pressure oxygen help autism?  by Thomas. H. Maugh II. Published on on March 15, 2009.
by Thomas. H. Maugh II
Published on on March 15, 2009

Several anecdotal reports suggest that hyperbaric oxygen therapy, in which children are placed in a pressure chamber with above-normal levels of oxygen, can improve the behavior of children with autism, and many parents have begun subjecting their autistic children to such treatments, even though it is expensive and not covered by insurance. Physicians, moreover, do not see a biological rationale for why the therapy should work, although some suggest providing extra oxygen to the brain might be responsible for the perceived benefits.

Now Florida researchers have conducted the first controlled trial of the therapy and, although the trial was small, they also found beneficial effects.

Dr. Daniel A. Rossignol of the International Child Development Resource Center in Melbourne, Fla., and his colleagues enrolled 62 children, ages 2 to 7, at eight U.S. centers. Over the course of a month, half of the children received 40 one-hour treatments in which they were placed in a chamber containing 24% oxygen at 1.3 atmospheres pressure. The control group received 40 treatments in a room containing 21% oxygen at 1.03 atmospheres.

The team reported Saturday in the journal BMC Pediatrics that the children in the treatment group had significant improvements in overall function, language receptiveness, social interaction, eye contact and sensory awareness. The results were most pronounced in the children over the age of 5 and in those with milder cases of autism, they said.

"We're not saying it's a cure, but...if you can improve understanding so a kid doesn't run in front of a car, or improve sleep, that would be a benefit," Rossignol told Scientific American.

Side effects included bruised eardrums and claustrophobia.

Commercial hyperbaric chambers are typically used for treating the bends, resulting from ascending from a dive too fast, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Treatments typically cost $120 to $150 per session. Some parents have bought home units to treat their children between commercial sessions, and some experts estimate that as many as 10% of autistic children in the United States are now receiving the therapy.

Because only 31 children actually received treatment during the study, it clearly needs to be replicated in larger numbers. Researchers also need to determine how long the purported benefits persist. Critics also note that Rossignal is one of the biggest promoters of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for autistic children and has staked his career on obtaining positive results. The study was funded by manufacturers of the devices, who also have a vested interest.

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